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Miniature Bull Terriers should not exceed 25.5cm (14") but there is no limit to the weight. The average miniature weighs between 11-14kg (25-30lb) while the standard Bull Terrier weighs between 27-34kg (60-75lb) and stands about 47cm (18.5") high. Miniature Bull Terriers have the classic Bull Terrier egg-shaped head and come in brindle, brindle and white, black, red and white, white, fawn and tri-colour.


In September / December 1986 Minibull reintroduced the Bull Terrier (Miniature) to Australia with imports from the UK, the first in over 20 years.
Aust. Ch Grandopera Ottello of Warbonnet a tricolour dog (by Beewau Enterprise ex Knipes Arnebia).
He gained his Aust Championship title easily in June the following year.

Early in 1987 Minibull imported more from the UK. In February, a white bitch, Graymor Greasepaint (Ch zedbees Zaristrocrat ex Graymore Guildenhall).

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Minibull is nestled in the meandering meadows of Clarkefield, a quaint hamlet just 15km SE of Mt Macedon and only 8km NE of the thriving satellite city of Sunbury in Victoria's 'horse country', you'll be welcomed by owners and breeders, Prior and Georgina Oldridge.

This humble kennel has emerged as Victoria's foremost breeder of pure, correct size Miniature Bull Terriers.
Prior and Georgina have produced the finest examples of Miniature Bull Terriers from show champions to the most loved family pet.

Playful, energetic and determined in nature, these pint sized canines make for a fun loving member of any family.


Miniature Bull Terriers have a happy, friendly temperament and are a manageable package.
They are less intimidating and easier to handle than the standard Bull Terrier so provide a reasonable alternative.

Miniature Bull Terriers become very attached to their owners and their families.

Miniature Bull Terriers like to join family activity and for this reason require constant and firm discipline.
They can be wonderful with children if handled with common sense, both by the adults and the children.

Many Miniature Bull Terriers can, and do, enjoy the company other dogs. Like any breed, un-neutered male Miniature Bull Terriers can be a bit cantancerous toward other un-neutered male dogs. A male and female Miniature Bull Terrier can live together quite happily and two females often share the same home.

LIFESPAN: 10-12 years
RECOMMENDED FOR: Active People and Families
MAINTENANCE: Low, but a 30+ sunscreen is recommmended for all white dogs and the snouts of others.