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Miniature Bull Terriers should not exceed 25.5cm (14") but there is no limit to the weight. The average miniature weighs between 11-14kg (25-30lb) while the standard Bull Terrier weighs between 27-34kg (60-75lb) and stands about 47cm (18.5") high. Miniature Bull Terriers have the classic Bull Terrier egg-shaped head and come in brindle, brindle and white, black, red and white, white, fawn and tri-colour.


In September / December 1986 Minibull reintroduced the Bull Terrier (Miniature) to Australia with imports from the UK, the first in over 20 years.
Aust. Ch Grandopera Ottello of Warbonnet a tricolour dog (by Beewau Enterprise ex Knipes Arnebia).
He gained his Aust Championship title easily in June the following year.

Early in 1987 Minibull imported more from the UK. In February, a white bitch, Graymor Greasepaint (Ch zedbees Zaristrocrat ex Graymore Guildenhall).






























The Miniature Bull Terrier is a breed with origins in the English White Terrier, the Dalmatian and the Bulldog.
The first existence is documented 1872 in The Dogs of British Island.

When the Standard breed was first created in 19th century England, it was about the same size as Miniature Bull Terriers. Crossbreeding with Pointers increased the size so it was an optimal fighting size.
Miniature Bull Terriers were granted membership in the American Kennel Club (AKC) on May 14, 1991 (effective January 1, 1992).

In the early 1900s, the difference between the breeds was determined by the dog's weight. However, this led to Miniature Bull Terriers becoming so small and fine that they looked more like a Chihuahua than a Bull Terrier. So, in the 1970s, the weight limit was replaced with a height limit of under fourteen inches (35.5cm). They are usually no smaller than ten inches. According to the AKC, miniature bull terriers weight must be proportionate to its height. However, they tend to range anywhere from 20–35 lbs.

In Australia the first Miniature Bull Terriers were imported into NSW in the latter part of 1965 by the then Vice President of The Bull Terrier Club, Mr Wally Webster in partnership with Mr John Peek. They were both brindle and white. The dog, Jetom Jasper (by Kirbeon Jaganath ex Sejainus Jannetta) was 10 months old and a bitch Jetom Jubiliant Tigress (by Regans Red Velvet ex Sejainus Juanita) was 18 months old. They were both of standard weight and height The standard at the time required the weight to be no more than 20lbs and the height 14 ins. Both were later to become Australian champions.
Messrs Webster and Peek first presented the two Miniatures at the Bull Terrier Club show held at Fairfield on the 12th September 1965. Their appearance created a tremendous amount of interest. Just out of quarantine, all were impressed by the temperament of these dogs. They were exhibited at the Royal Easter Show the following year where they both received a lot of attention from dog exhibitors and the general public alike.
Miniatures were shown at the Royal from 1966 through to 1968. There is no record of any after that till 1987 when Aust. Ch Erenden Roxana (imp UK) was exhibited and awarded BOB. They were exhibited at the Bull terrier Club shows in NSW from September 1965 through to September 1974. Judge for the September show was Mr George Holloway, this was to be the last appearance by the Miniatures, they were Earlwood Juvenile and Earlwood Jane both owned by Mr Wally Webster. It was not until 1987, some 13 years later, that the Miniature was to reappear at a Bull Terrier Club show where four were exhibited. Aust. Ch Jetom Jubiliant Tigress produced at total of 13 pups from six litters. The last registered litter was in February 1971 - a dog by Juvenile.
Unfortunately no more were imported and interbreeding of the Miniature and their bigger brethren was not allowed. This, together with a tragic kennel fire resulted in the breed in Australia dying out.
In September / December 1986 the Bull Terrier (Miniature) was reintroduced to Australia with 2 imports from the UK, the first in 20 odd years.
MINIBULL : The first being Aust. Ch Grandopera Ottello of Warbonnet a tricolour dog (by Beewau Enterprise ex Knipes Arnebia) by Prior & Georgina Oldridge (Minibull).
He gained his Aust Championship title easily in June the following year.

Early in 1987 three more minis were imported from the UK. In February, a white bitch, Graymor Greasepaint (Ch zedbees Zaristrocrat ex Graymore Guildenhall), by the Oldridges (Minibull). A first cousin to Greasepaint, Graymor Grimshore ( Graymor Gandolf ex Graymor Gamebridge) was to join her in the following year. Following her in March came Erenden Upright Urlicia a white bitch carrying brindle imported by Schardale and Erenden Unctious Ullock a super headed solid coloured brindle male imported by Dr Warwick Mackay and his wife Anne. They, too, gained their Australian titles in a short time.
More English imports were to follow, all to NSW. Erenden Vodkatini (Erenden Gin Rickey ex Erenden Olivia) in 1988 again to Dr Mackay and his wife (Gloswaen Kennels), Erenden Boot Black (Ch Erenden Leopold ex Erenden Hammonds Ona) late in 1989 to Jessie Barrett's well established Faringdon Kennels and English Champion Erenden Whisky Sangaree JW (Erenden Gin Rickey ex Erenden Tiny Tuggem) to join Roxana at Schardale in early 1990. Sangaree had been Res CC at Crufts in 1989 and gained her Australian Title with ease.
There have been 16 imports in all - ten from the UK and six from New Zealand.
These being NZ/Aust.ChLester Iti Mussy Muzpie (Schardale Master Erenden ex Gloswaen Mini Ariadne imp. Aust) in 1990 and Aust. ChLester Iti Pepper n Pepe (Ch.Coldstream Statesman imp.UK. ex Gloswaen Mini Bree imp.Aust.) in 1992. Both were bred by Julie Clark (Lester Kennels) and imported by Jim and Ann Gorman (Argshiel Kennels) of South Australia.
Later, in 1993 two more imports were to arrive at Faringdon Kennels, NSW - Litter brother and sister from NZ - ChLester Mini Man Faringdon (NZ.Ch.Lester Iti Woodstock ex Lester Iti Sasha) & Lester Mini Dot n Dotty.
In April 1998, Aust Ch Grandopera Otello of Warbonnet (UK) died at just a little over 12 years old.